RingCentral - Hosting an Online Class or Meeting


After you've scheduled an online meeting (see article Scheduling an Online Class or Meeting for help with this step), how do you host the meeting when it's time for the meeting to begin? See step-by-step instructions below for connecting to the meeting and utilizing some of the core RingCentral features in your class or meeting.


Click the meeting link

Whether you've shared the meeting link in MyCourses, an Outlook calendar item, or elsewhere, start by clicking the meeting link and following the instructions to connect your audio (either using your device audio or dialing the included phone number for the meeting.


Clicking the link will open the RingCentral Meetings app, where online classes & meetings are held.


Conduct Your Class or Meeting

1. Start your video camera, if you choose, and start your audio. You can connect to audio on your computer using the built-in microphone & speaker, external earbuds/headset, or by dialing in to the provided phone number.

2. Click the "Manage Participants" link to see other meeting participants and mute or unmute their microphone. Muting all or individual participants is helpful if someone has excessive background noise that's distracting to the class or meeting.

3. Click the green "Share" icon to share your whole screen, individual windows (PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), or to use the RingCentral Whiteboard function. The whiteboard feature allows you to draw using your touchscreen, mouse, or trackpad; add text with your keyboard; and more.

4. Click the "Chat" icon to type messages back and forth with your participants. These messages can be sent to the whole meeting or class or can be sent to individual participants.


Additionally, if you'd like to record the meeting, click the "Record" icon next to Chat. After the meeting ends, RingCentral will save that video file to your computer (NOTE: meeting recording isn't available from iOS & Android) and then you can choose how to share it with your class (upload to YouTube, MyCourses, or elsewhere).


Additional Information

When your class is connected to the meeting & you're not sharing your screen, RingCentral will show a grid of video participants. When you are sharing your screen, RingCentral shows your shared screen as the primary image with a smaller gallery of four video participants on the side of the screen.


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