How Do I Change My Password


Please visit to change your Queens University of Charlotte password. 


Also, please make sure your security questions are setup and active so you are able to unlock your account without IT assistance in the future.

You can update your security questions at 


If you are unable to reset your password, please contact the help desk. Have your Queens ID number and Date of Birth available for identity verification. 



  • Once password is changed, please go into any mobile device/tablet and change the password in our email/calendar App along with WiFi connection, or you will become locked out of your account. 

Note for EMPLOYEES with university-owned laptops

  • It's best to change your password when you're connected to the campus network (either physically on campus or connected to the university VPN). You may experience temporary problems logging into your laptop if you change your password while on another network.


  • Passwords are a minimum of 12 characters and be made up of three out of these four items:  uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and a special character
  • Must not contain your username, parts of your full name that exceed two consecutive characters, or be identical to any of the last 20 passwords used.
  • Use the following four character types:
    • Numeric (0,1,2...)
    • Special (!,$,#,%...)
    • Uppercase (A,B,C...)
    • Lowercase (a,b,c...)

      Microsoft is also dynamically blocking passwords they determine to be weak based on past attack data, compromised password lists, etc. They have something called a 'global password banned list'. If you create a password that is similar to any password on this list, it will be rejected. The website doesn't give you any indication this is why the password was rejected. The on-screen messaging is the same.


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