How to connect a gaming or streaming device to Queens Wi-Fi


We’ve designed a much easier way for you to connect your gaming or streaming media device to campus wireless.   You no longer need to submit a ticket to the Help Desk to initiate this process.  It’s now completely self-service.   Here’s how to do it.

  1. Connect your gaming or media device to the WiFi network "QU-Gaming" using the instructions provided by your device manufacturer. You’ll be prompted for a password or key.   You’ll create that online in the next step.

  2. Using your computer, tablet or phone, browse to the Device Keys page at

  3. Create an access key by clicking 'Add Device' and the type of device you have.
  4. If your phone is being used as a remote it must be connected this way.

  5. You’ll be shown your device key immediately on the screen. It will also be emailed to you.  The key will be valid for 1 year.  You may have up to 5 keys for 5 different gaming or streaming devices.

  6. Enter the access key into your device when prompted. That’s it!  Your device should now be connected to the QU-Gaming.


Contact if you have any difficulty.



FAQ about connecting gaming and streaming devices to the network.

Q)  Why is there a special process for connecting my gaming/streaming device to wireless?

  • Many gaming and media devices like XBox, Playstation, ROKU and Smart TVs don't support the security measures needed to connect to the QU-WiFi wireless network. IT Services provides this self-service method to enable these devices to connect to a separate unsecured wireless network.

Q)  For how long is the key I generated valid?

  • 1 year.

Q)  How can I know how long my key has been in use?

  • The Device Activation Date will be listed for all of your current streaming & gaming devices, so you’ll know when 1 year is approaching.

Q)  Do I need these special keys for my laptop, phone or tablet?

  • Your laptop, phone and tablet will securely connect to the QU-WiFi network using your username and password.   The keys are used only to connect gaming and streaming devices like XBOX, ROKCU, Apple TV and Smart TV’s to the unsecured QU-WiFi network.

Q)  I’ve used this key for a year and now it’s expired. How do I reconnect it?

  • Click the “Regenerate” link that appears next to your device key on the WiFi Device Keys This will regenerate the key for your device for an additional year.

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