Adding Follow Me Printer Using Credential Manager ( Windows 11 and 10 )


If you are having trouble adding the follow me printer on your Windows 10 or 11 computer then follow these steps ( Screenshots follow Windows 11, but should be similar if you are using Windows 10 )

NOTE: You need to be connected to QU-WiFi or plugged into the internet via cable.

  • Type in "Credential Manager" in the windows search bar and open the Credential Manager.


  • When in credential manager go to "Windows Credentials" and then "Add A Windows Credential"


  • Type in the IP address "" in the network address field.
  • In the username field make sure to add "QCS\" before your username so it looks like "QCS\username"
  • In the password field you will put in your Queens password
  • click OK


  • Once that is done go to File Explorer


  • Type in "\\" in the address bar at the top and hit enter


  • Right click on on "Follow-Me-Printer" and click "Connect"



The printer should then find the credentials you saved earlier and be added to your computer 

If you are using Windows 11 you might see ERROR under the follow me printer in the list of printers but you can ignore that as it should still be able to print.

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    Hadia Mubarak

    Very helpful and it worked!