RingCentral Scheduler - Deploy Outlook Add-in


As a User, you can get the RingCentral Meetings add-in in your Outlook for Desktop or for web. Follow the steps below to learn how.

Outlook for Desktop Option
Web Outlook Option


Adding RingCentral Scheduler Add-in in your Outlook

IMPORTANT: If you are using a Mac computer, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab > Allow apps downloaded from App Store and identified developers to successfully add RingCentral Meetings Outlook Plug-in.

1. Launch Outlook in your computer and click Store or Get Add-ins.




2. Click Search Bar and search for RingCentral Scheduler.




3. Add the RingCentral Scheduler to your outlook profile.



4. Use the new RingCentral Scheduler when you are scheduling the Meetings or Appointments as it will allow you to sign in.




Adding Meetings Add-in in your Web Outlook

1. Open Outlook in your browser.

2. Click the Settings or Gear icon, and then select Manage add-ins.

3. Click My add-ins > Add a custom add-in under Custom add-ins, select Add from URL.

4. Enter the link below, and then click OK.


You will then be able to see Add RingCentral Meeting when you try to set an appointment from your Outlook.


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