Amazon Locker on Campus


The Amazon Hub Locker provides the campus community with a self-service delivery location for packages. The Locker has been installed in Trexler across from the pizza bar outside of Young Dining Hall. 

Students/Faculty/Staff can select the locker “Amazon Locker – Aksil” as the pickup location at order checkout.  The locker is fully automated and allows for both package pickup and return. When your package arrives at the Locker, Amazon will send you a delivery confirmation email with instructions on how to pick up at the Locker.  The email includes the address and opening times for the Locker.  Packages must be collected within three calendar days.  If you do not collect your package within the allotted time, Amazon will take back the package and issue a refund.


amazon locker.jpg

Locker Tips

  1. Please be aware of size and weight limitations. The system will inform you if the package will not fit within the locker.
  2. Pickup requires the shopper to bring their smartphone with them, OR a print out of the code to scan.
  3. You can download the Amazon Shopping App to your phone and turn on Bluetooth on your phone. When you are notified of delivery, take your cell phone with you to the locker. Once you get there, the locker will sync and recognize your phone and the door will automatically open for you to retrieve your package.

For additional assistance, please visit the website at or contact Amazon Customer Service at 1-877-346-6244 for assistance.

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