Revit Worksharing - Requesting a User to Relinquish Control of a Central Model for Editing

  1. When User1 opens a central model from the server, a local copy is also made on the workstation. Model editing always takes place on the local copy.







  1. When a local copy is in use you will see your username appended to the filename of the central model.


3.    If User1 attempts to edit a portion of the model which is actively in use by User2, User1 will see a message indicating that the User2 has the element locked and must relinquish control before User1 can make edits.

4.    User1 can place a request for User2 to relinquish control of the elements in use.



  1. User2 will see an “editing request” icon in the lower status bar. The number 1 next to the icon indicates that User2 has received 1 editing request.   


  1. User2 can choose to Deny the request, or they can Grant the request and relinquish control of elements in use from the central model    To relinquish control they can”
    1. Cancel and close their unsaved work, or
    2. Save changes and synchronize them back to the central model. This is so User1 will be able to reload the central model with the most recent changes.
    3. In some cases, they me need to hit the Relinquish All Mine button as well.








  1. Once User2 has relinquished use of the elements the editing requests icon will clear the count, and User1 can do a Reload Latest to acquire the latest updates from the central model (saved by User2) and begin to interact with the elements.
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