Audio/Visual Instructions For Gambrell Classrooms with PixiePlus


There are several different Audio/Visual systems throughout the Gambrell building depending on the needs and use case for each space. This article will cover basic instructions for the standard classroom system which features PixiePlus button controllers (pictured below).

The current list of Gambrell rooms covered by these instructions includes 001 Suzanne Little Recital Hall, 002 Piano Lab, 025 Green Room, 309 Printmaking Studio, 310 Overcash Painting Studio, 311 IAD Studio and 312 Zimmerman NMD Studio.

These controllers have three categories of buttons, Power, Sources and Volume.


  • The top row of buttons are the On and Off buttons for the projectors. Simply pressing one of these buttons should power cycle the projector On or Off.


  • This section of buttons will help you select which video source you would view on the screen. Gambrell rooms have either 2 or 3 HDMI inputs depending on the projector model and room needs. If your video source device does not have an HDMI connection, please contact the IT Help Desk for an adapter. Also note that the crossed circle button is the A/V Mute command, which will mute the speakers and black out the screen. This is a toggle, meaning that a single button press will mute, and a second button press will un-mute. 


  • The Up/Down arrow buttons at the bottom of the pad will adjust the speaker volume. Please note if the audio source has a volume control this will impact the rooms volume as well. As an example if you are playing a video from a laptop and your laptops volume is turned down, the speaker volume will be quiet even if you turn the speaker on. 

If you have any additional questions or need to schedule in person training, please feel free to contact the IT Help Desk.

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