Queens University Mail Center - Frequently Asked Questions




How does the new student mail/package notification work?

When the Ricoh/Queens Mail Center receives mail and/or packages for you, your mail will be placed in your mail slot, which is barcoded with your information.  The bar code will be scanned and generate an email notification indicating that you have mail. 

For all new incoming students, you will proceed to the Mail Center KIOSK and swipe your Student ID Card, which will notify the Ricoh team that you are there to pick up your item(s). A team member will retrieve your item(s), and you will be asked to confirm receipt using an electronic signature pad.

For all returning students, upon receiving a package notification, you should proceed to the Mail Center KIOSK and swipe your Student ID Card, which will notify the Ricoh team that you are here to pick up your package. A team member will retrieve your package, and you will be asked to confirm receipt using an electronic signature pad. When you are notified that you have received USPS Mail, you can follow this same procedure, or if you still have your previously issued mailbox key, you may retrieve the item directly from your mailbox as you have done in the past. 


How soon can I pick up my mail/package after the notification?

All mail and packages will be ready for pick up after 1pm.  

Our Hours of Operations are M-F, 8:30am – 6:00pm.

There are times when the US Postal Service will send you notification of a Priority or Express Package delivery. Keep in mind, however, that this notification does not mean that the Mail Center has received your package from the Post Office; only that the Post Office is in receipt of your package.  Please wait until you receive a notification from the Mail Center before coming to pick up the package.

The only notification about packages available for pickup will come from the University Mail Center.


What is the address of the University?

Queens University – 1900 Selwyn Avenue, Charlotte NC  28274. Your assigned mailbox # should be used in conjunction with this street address


What information do I need to provide when giving my address to others?

You should provide your name, the street address listed above, and very importantly, your Mailbox Number, which will enable efficient and timely sorting of your mail and packages.


If I forget to pick up my mail/package(s), will I be reminded?

Yes, reminder emails will be sent out 1 week after mail/package(s) have been received.  If the item isn’t picked up within 30 days, it will be Returned to Sender.


Do I need to check for mail/package(s) if I do not get a notification?

No, you will only be notified when you have mail/package(s).


What if I want to check for mail/package(s) anyway?

You can. When you swipe your Student ID Card at the Mail Center KIOSK, you will be informed whether any mail/package(s) have been received for you to pick up. 

In addition, if you were previously issued a mailbox key, you can still utilize your key to check your mailbox.  You would still need to utilize the KIOSK and proceed to the counter for packages.


Can I have someone else pick up my mail and/or packages?

You can notify the Mail Center that someone else will be picking up your items.  However, the Mail Center will not be held liable for any mail or package that you authorize someone else to pick up. For security purposes, the person picking up your mail will need to present identification.


If I live in a Residence Hall, how do I get my mail?

You can pick up your mail from the Mail Center using the processes outlined in this document.  The Mail Center does not have access or the ability to deliver mail or packages to residence halls.


Where and how do I get a mail box assignment?

Mailboxes will be assigned by the Mail Center.  Resident students should visit the Mail Center, where a Ricoh team member will assign your mailbox number.


Is there a cost to get an on campus mail box?

Mailboxes are assigned to resident students only, and there are no costs associated with having a mailbox.


I have moved off campus. What do I need to do to change my address?

Notification can be sent to the Ricoh Onsite Team via email @ copyctr@queens.edu and indicate that you will no longer be receiving mail at the University.  For security purposes, you will need to stop by the Mail Center and present your Queens Student ID Card so that a Ricoh team member can verify your identity. You will also need to notify any senders of mail and packages of your address change as the Mail Center does not forward any mail or packages.


I have moved but still want to get my mail in the mail center. Can I do that?

Unfortunately, we are not able accommodate anyone who has moved, graduated or are no longer part of the University.


I will be studying abroad. How will I get my mail?

All mail and packages received for students who are residents and studying abroad will be held at the Mail Center until their return.  Unfortunately, we are not able to forward any mail or packages.


Is there a cost to have my mail forwarded when studying abroad?

See above.  Mail and Packages are not forwarded and will be held until students studying abroad return to campus.


Will I keep my mail box number until I graduate?

Your assigned mail box will not change as long as you are a resident student attending Queens. However, if it is determined that you and another student were inadvertently assigned the same mailbox, you could potentially be assigned a new box, which will be communicated to you.


How do I update my information in the Mail Center?

You may visit the Mail Center to request updates to your personal information. For security purposes, you will be asked to present your Queens Student ID Card so that a Ricoh team member can verify your identity.


Is it important for me to ensure the Mail Center has the most updated contact information?

Yes, if we need to contact you, having your correct Queens University email address will ensure that the Mail Center can contact you and notify you in a timely manner.


Is there a number to which I can text my updated information?

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to receive text messages.


Is there an email to which I can send my updated information?  

You may contact the Mail Center by sending an email to copyctr@queens.edu.  However, before any changes are made, for security purposes, you will need to visit the Mail Center and show your Queens Student ID, so your identity can be verified.


Can I purchase other items from the Mail Center?

Yes, the following items can be purchased from the Mail Center:

Packing Supplies




UPS and USPS Shipping Services

At this time, the Mail Center is only able to accept cash and/or checks as payment.


The Mail Center Hours of Operation are:

Monday through Friday – 8:30am – 6:00pm

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