Follow-Me-Printer Installation


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You must be connected to the Queens network (QU-WiFi or by Ethernet) to complete this setup for any computer.



  • Download the Mobility Print Driver from this link
  • Run the installer, the Follow-Me-Printer should be preselected
  • When prompted, enter QCS\YOURUSERNAMEHERE and your password.

  • Click next and wait for the installer to finish.


Mac OS: 

  • Download the Ricoh Print Driver from this link
  • You can find your OS version by clicking the Apple in the top right of your screen, then selecting About This Mac


  • Run the printer driver package, then navigate to System Preferences from the same Apple menu in the top right of your screen.
  • Scroll on the left column until you see Printer & Scanners


  • Select Add Printer, Scanner, or Fax

  • Select Follow-Me-Printer, then open the dropdown box at the bottom

  • Click Select Software then type 2510 in the top corner of the new window

  • Click OK then Add
  • On the next window, click Configure, then click ok when the shown options show up



If you encounter any issues with either printer installation, please contact IT at 704-337-2323 or submit a ticket here.

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