Remote in to a Windows Computer from a Mac


Note: This article assumes that you want to connect while off-campus. If you want to remote in to a Windows computer while on campus, simply skip the steps related to Forticlient VPN.

In order to connect to a Windows computer from your Mac you will need to download and install two pieces of software:

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop:
  2. Forticlient VPN: 

Once you have those programs installed please follow the instructions below:

  1. Start Forticlient and connect to Queens VPN per the instructions in the previously linked article.
  2. Start Microsoft Remote Desktop. Click ‘new’ in the upper left corner of the window.
  3. Fill out the information according to the screenshot below.
  4. Note: This article explains how to find your computer name. Please ensure that you type the full name, including in the ‘PC name’ field. You will only need to fill out the information in this window the first time you use Remote Desktop.
  5. Close the Window when you have finished filling out the fields. Now you will have an entry listed under ‘My Desktops’. Select it and press ‘start’.
  6. If you receive a pop-up about a certificate, click ‘continue’. After a moment, you will be connected.
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