Commonly asked Printing Questions


How long can I wait before retrieving my document?

     Print jobs that you send will stay in your queue for 24 hours.

How much money do I have for printing?

     At the beginning of each semester every student is given a $21 printing   allowance.

How do I put more money on my card?

     Visit the mail center, located in the basement of Morrison, to add more printing funds.

How much does it cost to print?

     Black and white pages are 6¢ each and color pages are 10¢ each.

Can I print from my mobile device?

     This option is currently unavailable.

How can I print to the Follow-Me-Printers from off campus?

     Currently only Faculty and Staff have the ability to print from off-campus. Those with university owned laptops can connect through the Cisco VPN client and then print to the Follow-Me-Printer. To install the VPN client click the link below:

Who do I contact for a refund?

     Contact the Help Desk for a refund at or 704-337-2323.

My card isn’t working or I get an error message when I swipe my card.

     Contact the Help Desk for assistance at or 704-337-2323.




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