How to Use Revit Worksharing



Prerequisite:  The RSN.ini File

Ensure that the Revit Client has the file RSN.ini installed to the path C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit Server 2022\Config\

And that the RSN.ini file contains IP or name of the Revit server.  These are and RevitServer, respectively.


If you don’t see an RSN.ini file at this path, Revit WorkSharing will not work properly.  Before Continuing, please refer to this article for How to Create the rsn.ini File.


1.  With your Revit Model open click on the Collaborate tab and choose the Collaborate button.


2.  Then Choose the option to Work Within Your Network and click OK.


3.  When you are ready to save your Revit project to the server, select Save-As and then choose Project. Projects that reside on the server are referred to as Central Models.


4.  Then browse to find the Revit Server as the location you will save to.


5.  After clicking on the Revit Server icon you will see the IP address of the Revit Server in the right-hand pane.


6.  Double-click on the server IP address and you will see locations to which you can save your file. Save to the folder location specified by your instructor.


7.  To synchronize a local copy of the project with the common model of the project on the server, choose Synchronize from the Collaborate tab. There are 2 options for Synchronizing with the central model. 

  • Synchronize Now is a simple sync between the your local copy and the central model. This option syncs your local copy with the central model and updates your local copy with any changes made by other editors.
  • Synchronize and Modify Settings does the same sync process while also allowing you to do additional actions like add comments and relinquish worksets and elements.





8.  Once the project has been saved to the server, it will be available to open by browsing to the server location and opening it.



9.  The project will also show in your Recent Projects with a special icon to indicate the file is saved as a central model on the Revit Server. Not that this icon will not appear until edits have been made to the model and you’ve sync’d them.


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