Exporting Reports from Queens Cloud-Hosted Apps


Since the migration to the cloud, reports exported from Queens Remote Apps (Jenzabar, PowerFAIDs, Infomaker) will now be accessed from a different location. To find your exported reports, you will have to go through the explorer remote app:


You can find this app by going to the Start Menu>Scroll down to 'Queens University RemoteApps' folder>Expand folder and select 'explorer'. This explorer remote app looks identical to the desktop file explorer but is connected to the cloud apps. When you choose the 'Desktop' or 'Documents' folder to export a report to, it will show up here:


From the explorer remote app, you can also access any folder or network location (H: or J: drives) you would normally access under 'This PC':



You can create a desktop shortcut for easy access to the explorer remote app by clicking the explorer app and dragging it from the start menu over to any empty spot on your desktop:


You can also pin to your taskbar by right-clicking the explorer app>Click 'more'>Choose 'pin to taskbar'




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