How To Map A Network Drive in Mac OS X


Follow these directions to map a network drive using a OS X computer.

Before you Begin

When you connect to a shared folder on a remote computer, it is known as mapping a drive or mounting a volume. To map to network drives you should first know the appropriate network path (ex. //qufs03/techsupport)


Mapping Network Drives

To map network drives in OS X, do the following:

  1. If you are off campus and want to connect to a computer or server on campus, you must first connect through VPN (see the self-help article on connecting to the VPN for more information)
  2. On the finder menu bar, click GO > Connect To Server
  3. Enter a network path in the Server Address: box.
    1. Example: smb://servername/sharedname
  4. Click Connect

You can add the path to the list by clicking the (+) button. (This will save you from writing the path to the network drive next time you connect to network drives through VPN)

 Congratulations! You are now connected to your network drive and folder.

  1. Note: If you are prompted to enter a password, select Registered User, and enter your Queens user name and password. 
  2. ‌Select the folder you would like to connect to and Click OK.
  3. Once connected you will see the folder will open and an Icon appears on the desktop, which is the network drive that you are connected to

Note: When you disconnect from VPN the network drive will disappear and you will have to follow the above steps to connect back to the desired network drive and folder. 

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