Outlook Continually Asks for My Password


Please follow the instructions below to resolve Outlook continually asking for your password.

1. Close Outlook.
2. Click ‘start’, then ‘control panel’.
3. Type in ‘vault’ in the search box in the upper right hand corner of the control      panel.
4. Click on ‘Credential Manager’. This is where Windows stores your saved  passwords.
5. Locate an entry that contains the word ‘outlook’.
6. Follow the entry line to the right and click on the drop down arrow. (It will be  beside the date the entry was last modified.)
7. Scroll to the bottom of the entry and click ‘remove from vault’.
8. Choose ‘yes’.
9. Repeat steps six through eight for any entries that contain the word ‘outlook’.
10. Re-open Outlook.
11. Enter your password in the pop up box and check the box next to ‘remember  me’.
12. Check that your password has been accepted by looking in the gray banner along  the very bottom of the screen. It should say ‘Connected To: Microsoft Exchange’.

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