QU-WiFi Wireless Setup for Android and ChromeOS Devices



This Article contains the advanced wireless network settings that are occasionally required on Android and ChromeOS devices that do not connect automatically.

  1. At main screen hit the menu button and select Settings.

  2. Select Wi-Fi

  3. Select QU-WiFi.

  4. Set EAP method to "PEAP"   

  5. Set Phase 2 authentication to "MSCHAPV2"

  6. Set CA Certificate to "Don't Validate"
  7. In the Identity field, enter your Queens username (e.g. Doej)

  8. In the Password, enter your Queens password.   Instead of "Password", you might also see the terms "Pass Phrase or "Key" used.

  9. Click the Connect button.   You will become connected to the QU-Wifi secure wireless network.


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