iPhone Giving 'Password incorrect' Error after Email Authentication Upgrade


This article addresses the issue of iPhone users' native mail application continually prompting for a password and displaying a 'Password Incorrect' error after entering the password. Below are 3 methods to resolve this issue.

Note: You must have IOS 11 or newer (or iPad OS 13.1 and newer). If your device is not meeting this requirement, you must first upgrade your OS.


1-Outlook App

The Outlook Mobile app is not affected by the new authentication method, the IOS native mail app is the only app that has had this issue. The Outlook App is the preferred method of accessing your Queens email. You can find the Outlook app in the App store as a free download:


Once you download the Outlook app and get signed in, you can follow the steps below to remove your Queens account from the native mail app to stop the password prompt. If you prefer to use the native mail app rather than downloading the Outlook app, follow the next steps.


2-Delete then re-add your Queens Account

1. Open the Settings app and navigate down to 'Mail'


2. From the Mail section, select 'Accounts'


3. From the Accounts section, select your Queens account (your may be named something different):


4. At the bottom of this page will be an option to 'Delete Account'


5. Tap 'Delete Account' to remove your Queens account. Reboot your mobile device after deleting the account, then follow these steps to add your Queens account back: Configure Queens Email on Mobile Device


3-Reset your Queens Password

If deleting/re-adding your account did not resolve the issue, the last step is to reset your password. To reset your password, navigate to mypassword.queens.edu 

Note: This will reset your password for all queens sites and applications. Also, it is preferred to reset your password while connected to the Queens network (being on campus or connected to VPN) to avoid any syncing delays.

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