Microsoft Office Repair


There is a built-in Microsoft Office repair tool that can be used to resolve issues with any Microsoft Office product.


1. Start by opening Control Panel. You can find this app by searching in the start menu search bar. 



2. From the Control Panel menu, select 'uninstall a program'


3. This will bring you to a list of all installed programs. Once you’re there, select 'Microsoft Office 2016/2019/365' (the number depends on which version you have installed). You will notice all version have the same 'red square' icon which can help identify the Microsoft Office suite.


Once you select MS Office, you will see the Change button on the command bar.


4. You will see the below menu asking you to choose the type of repair you'd like to run. Depending on the severity or availability of your Internet connection, you could try the first option, Quick Repair, which is much faster and tries to fix the problem without a data connection.

If that doesn’t resolve the problem, then go back and try the Online Repair option. 


5. The repair process is straight-forward following the wizard. Note that you’ll need to save your work and close all Office programs first, and then click 'Repair'.


6. Wait while the repair process runs. You will get another message indicating that the repair process has completed.

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