Sync a SharePoint Shared Library


This article describe show to sync a shared library in SharePoint. 


1. First you will want to open SharePoint in a web browser: 

2. You will see 'Following' and 'Recent' sites on the left-hand side. These are sites that you have recently visited or starred sites. if you do not see the shared library that you wish to sync listed here, search for it using the search bar.


Note: To pin your site to the 'Following' list, click the star.


3. Once you have located the shared library that you wish to sync, open it and choose the 'Documents' tab on the left. From there, you will see the 'Sync' option:





4. When you click 'Sync' you’ll see the following popup where you will click the ‘Open Microsoft OneDrive’ button. Choose the option to 'Open Microsoft OneDrive':



5. Once the sync completes, it should open automatically in a File Explorer window mceclip0.png


6. If you have given it 2-3 minutes and it does not open automatically, open file explorer and see if your shared library is there. It will say "Queens University of Charlotte" next to a 'building' icon (as opposed to the 'cloud' icon associated with OneDrive):



You can open and edit all documents in your shared library through File Explorer using this sync feature. All updates/edits are uploaded and saved to the cloud in real time.


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