Ring Central Meeting Reports


This article contains instructions on viewing meeting reports for Ring Central meetings that you have hosted. These meeting reports can be very useful in tasks such as taking attendance as the reports contain information such as start time, end time, and list of participants (can be exported into excel file for easy organization).


1. To access these reports, go to service.ringcentral.com , choose the 'Singe Sign-on' option, and login with your Queens email address and password. 



2. Once you are signed in, choose 'More'>'Meetings'>'Meeting Reports'


3. This page displays your meeting reports. You can view participants for a particular meeting by clicking the number under the participants column. You can also export to a .CSV file. 



Note: When you export to a file, all meetings in the selected date range will be included in the exported file. Make sure to adjust the date range to include only the meetings that you wish to export reports for.

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