Installing Creative Cloud Apps


This Article describes how to install Adobe Creative Cloud Applications. our new way of distributing these applications is by installing the Adobe Creative Cloud application and letting users choose which products to install. 

This saves the user hard drive space as we no longer install the entire Creative Cloud suite. This also gives users control over application updates and access to Beta versions of Creative Cloud apps. 


Once IT completes the installation and grants you access, you will see the 'Adobe Creative Cloud' icon on your desktop.  This can also be found under the start menu:


mceclip0.png               mceclip1.png


The first time that you open the Adobe Creative Cloud app, a sign in page will pop up in your web browser:



You will input your Queens email address and click 'continue.' On the next page you will be asked to select an account. Here you will choose 'Company or School Account.'



You will be redirected to a Queens login page to enter your password. You will then be asked if you want to stay signed in. I recommend selecting 'Yes' here if this is your daily computer. This will save your credentials so that you do not have to sign in to Creative Cloud each time you open it. 




You will then receive a message that you are now signed in. 



When you go back to the Creative Cloud app, you will now see a list of all available applications in our subscription with the option to install.











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