Owl Pro & Classroom Technology





Everything you need to know about the Owl Pro multi-access classroom technology & how to use it can be found in this video HERE

This video shows how to use the ceiling-mounted Owl cameras installed in 55 Queens classrooms with RingCentral videoconferencing. It also shows use of the optional Meeting Owl phone app and how to retrieve RingCentral recordings from the classroom computers.


List of Classrooms to Have Owl Cameras ​


How do I download the Meeting Owl app?

Search for "Meeting Owl" on the Apple Store or Google Play Store or follow the links below on your mobile device. The Meeting Owl app is not available for desktop Operating Systems.

How do I turn off or turn on the Meeting Owl Pro's 360° Panoramic strip?

  1. Download or open the Meeting Owl app on your mobile device.
  2. Select your Owl from the Nearby list.
  3. Select Camera Controls.
  4. Toggle the 360° Pano Off to turn off the 360° Panoramic Strip. Toggle it On to turn it back on. 

Wall Whiteboard Alternatives (When Using Our Technology-Enhanced Classrooms to Support Remote Learners)

  • Read all about it HERE

Switching Between the Owl & Document Camera


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