SketchUp- VDI Too Many Devices Error


After a 7-8 logins to SketchUp on the virtual machine, you may receive the following error message telling you that you are using SketchUp on too many machines:




To clear out this error, click the ‘Manage Activations’ button. This will take you to the online portal where there’s an option to ‘Manage Devices’ for Sketchup Pro:



NOTE: There is also an option to download a copy of SketchUp Pro to your computer so that you will not have to sign in to the virtual machine to use this software. You can do this by clicking the 'download' link next to SketchUp Pro as pictured above.


When you click 'Manage Devices', you get the option to reset all previously authorized devices:




Click 'Deauthorize All' to clear out all previous sign-ins. Once you do this, you should be taken back to the SketchUp application. You will have to sign out of SketchUp by clicking the profile icon highlighted below.



Then you will sign in again and it will allow you to use the application. 



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