Allow a Delegate to Schedule a Ring Central Meeting on Your Behalf


This article provides instructions on how to assign delegates permissions to schedule meetings on your behalf. This functionality gives your delegate the ability to schedule a meeting that appears to be coming directly from you. When your delegate schedules a meeting using this function, it assigns you the 'Host' role and allows you all of the host controls. Scheduling meetings is the ONLY functionality the delegate will have access to. No other account settings will be affected.

To assign permissions to a delegate, login to the service portal with your Queens email and password. Click the 'Settings' tab>you name/extension>'Settings and Permissions'>'Schedule Meetings for Me'


Type your delegate's name in the search bar and select the checkbox next to their name. You can select multiple users here if you require more than one delegate. Once you have selected all users, click 'save' to save your changes.


Once permissions have been granted, direct your delegate to the following article for instructions on scheduling a meeting 'on behalf of' another user: Schedule 'on behalf of'


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