Scheduling a Ring Central Meeting 'on Behalf of' Someone Else


This article provides instructions on how to schedule a meeting on behalf of other users in Ring Central and Outlook. You can schedule a meeting on behalf of other users if you were granted authorization in their online account settings. 

Ring Central:

When you are scheduling a meeting in Ring Central, you will see the menu below. The 'Schedule for' option will be present along with a drop-down box containing a list of users that you have been granted permission to schedule meetings for.


Using Ring Central Outlook Plugin:

If you are scheduling using the Ring Central Outlook plugin, you will have to check the box next to 'schedule for' and the drop-down box will become active for you to select a user.



Note: Make sure you add the person that you are scheduling a meeting for as an invitee for the meting to show up on their calendar.


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