How to install Forticlient VPN v6.4


This article outlines the steps to uninstall the old VPN client and install the newest version (v6.4) 

If you are installing the VPN for the first time, please skip to step 3.

1. Uninstall your current VPN client

  • Instructions for uninstalling on Windows can be found here

2. Reboot your computer after completing the uninstall

3. Click this link to download the VPN installer: 

Windows OS 

Mac OS

4. Open the download and click 'run'

5. Accept the license agreement and click 'next'


6. Click 'next' then 'install'. Once the installation has completed, click 'finish'




7. Open the new desktop icon and accept the agreement



8. Click the link to 'Configure VPN' and copy the settings below, then click 'save'



9. Click the gear icon (next to the home icon) to open the settings menu. Click the lock icon on the far right to unlock the settings so that you can make changes, then select the checkbox to enable the 'Preferred DTLS Tunnel' option.



10. Enter your Queens username and password and click 'connect'




11. The connection will stall at 40% and a popup box will appear asking you to proceed, click 'yes' to finish connecting. It may popup behind the connection screen so try minimizing the connection screen if you do not see the popup right away.


Additionally, you need to check your Duo Security Mobile app on your smartphone device to approve this log in. The computer WILL NOT prompt you to do this, you must remember to check it after submitting your credentials or the login session will timeout. 


Note: This popup box will appear whenever your computer is rebooted

12. Once you have successfully connected, you will see the Forticlient shield icon with a gold lock in your system tray


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