Ring Central Polling


Polling is already enabled for all users by default. This article describes how to set up polling questions and use the polling function in Ring Central Meetings.


Note: Only the meeting host will see the poll button in their meeting controls

1. The first step is to set up polling questions by going to the service portal (service.ringcentral.com). Sign in to the service portal with your Queens email and password. Then click the 'more' tab in the top menu and you will see the layout below. 

Under the 'RingCentral Meetings' tab on the left, click 'My Meetings' and then click the 'Personal Meeting Room' tab.



Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will see the section where you can add polling questions. You can also edit and delete existing polls here.


Note: If you click the 'poll' button in your meeting controls before setting up polling questions, a browser window will automatically open and direct you to the service portal to setup your questions.

2. To see the poll button in your Ring Central meeting controls, you must schedule your meeting using your personal meeting ID by checking this option in the scheduling wizard:


3. When you launch your Ring Central meeting, you will see the Polls button in your meeting controls


4. When you click the Polls button your first poll will show. You can click the drop-down arrow if you have additional polls to choose another poll. Once you have selected the poll you want, click the button to launch polling. 


5. Once you launch the poll, you will see the elapsed time and percentage of users who have responded. You can use the elapsed time to time your polls or use the percentage to see when all users have responded. Click the 'end poll' button to conclude polling. 


6. Once you conclude the poll, the results will be displayed. You have the option here to share the results with your meeting attendees or to re-launch the poll to get additional responses.




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