Ring Central (Audio-only) Conference Call


Audio-only Conference Calling:

If you want to have a conference call and only need audio capabilities (do not have a need for video, screensharing, instant messaging etc. during the call), you can use Ring Central's built-in conference calling feature. Conference calling can support up to 1,000 participants per conference with a 6-hour limit per conference call.


1. In a web browser, go to service.ringcentral.com and login with your Queens username and password

2. Click the conference icon in the top right-hand corner


3. You will see the below pop-up window. 


4. Dial-in Number is the number you and all participants will use to call in.


5. Host code is the code the person hosting the call will enter after dialing in.


6. Participant code is the code all participants will enter after dialing in.


7. The checkbox for 'Enable join before host' allows participants to join the conference call before the host joins. It is usually a good idea to check this box in case participants happen to call in early or the host is running a few minutes late. If this box is not checked, all participants will have to wait for the host to join the conference call before they will be allowed to dial-in.



Conference Calling FAQ:



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