Ring Central FAQ


Ring Central FAQ


  • What is the RingCentral App?  

The RingCentral App provides a centralized communication hub for Users. It lets you make a call, send messages, and meet colleagues online in one place, from anywhere and on any device, including your Queens computer, personal computer, or a mobile device. 


  • How do I call other Queens employees?  

When placing calls to another Queens phone number, you can dial the 4-digit extension just as you have in the past.  

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  • How do I place a call to a non-Queens phone number?  

When calling off campus, you will no longer need to dial 9 first - just dial the 10 digit phone number.  

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  • How do I place a long distance call?  

You will no longer need a Long Distance code to place calls within the US, Mexico, or Canada. These calls can be made at no additional charge. If you have the need to dial other international numbers, please contact the Helpdesk to request a change to your RingCentral profile which will enable those calls. 

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  • Can I call 911 from the RingCentral platform?  

Yes, you can place a 911 call from your new desk phone, from the RingCentral Softphone App on your computer, or from the RingCentral app on your mobile device. However, it is important that you proactively confirm that your physical location in the app is correct, because this information is transmitted to the 911 dispatch operators, and used by emergency responders to find you. If you are working off campus or traveling, you should update this location information in the RingCentral desktop app (under Preferences/Emergency Address) so that 911 calls placed from the app on your computer are handled efficiently. 

Also, if your work location changes, (you move to another room or building on campus), you need to notify ITS? HR? so that 911 calls placed from your desk phone are associated with your new location. 

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  • How do I install and access the RingCentral App?  

During the phone system upgrade, ITS will push the RingCentral desktop application to all Queens issues computers. Adjunct faculty and students can download the RingCentral app to their personal computer and/or mobile devices by accessing the appropriate download link from the RingCentral Downloads page. Once the download is complete, Run the installation file. When the installation is done, you will see the RingCentral app's icon on your dock or system tray. 

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  • How do I update my security questions or change my pin?

Navigate to https://service.ringcentral.com/   (site may take up to 30 seconds to load)

Enter your Queens email address in the box and click Single Sign On


Confirm email address and click submit


Click on the Settings tab


Click on User Details


Click on Change Password Button


For your Pin:

Enter your new PIN in the New PIN and Confirm PIN fields.

The new PIN must meet the following criteria:

• At least 6 numbers
• Maximum of 10 numbers
• Numbers only
• Non-sequential and Non-repeating


For Security Question:

Click Security Question Tab


Click the drop-down list to select the Security Question and fill in the Answer field.  

Security Answer should be 5 or more characters and not case sensitive.

current password and security question list

Click Save.

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  • How can I modify my user greeting using my desk-phone?

1. If you are using a RingCentral-provided desk phone: dial *86 to access the Account Management Menu. If not, go to Step 3.

2. Using your phone's dial pad, enter your pin, then press # (pound key). Go to Step 6.

3. Dial your RingCentral Main or Local Number.

4. Dial the extension number then press * (star key). If you do not have extensions, simply press * (star key).

5. Using your phone's dial pad, enter the extension's PIN, then press # (pound key).

Once logged in, the system announces the number of messages in your extension's mailbox, then gives you the option to listen to your messages, manage your account, place a call, or change your queue status (only available when your extension is part of a call group).

6. Press 2 for Account Administration.

7. Press 2 to record your greeting.

8. Press 1 to record your introductory greeting.

9. Press 3 to change the greeting.

10. Record your greeting after the beep. Press the # (pound key) after you have finished recording.

11. Press 1 to save your greeting. Press 2 to listen to the greeting you have recorded. Press 3 to re-record the greeting. Press 4 to revert to the system's default greeting. Press the * (star key) to return to the previous menu.

NOTE: Pressing the * (star key) lets you go back to the previous menu. 

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  • How do I check my VM over the phone?

1. Call your RingCentral Main Number or Direct Number.

2. Enter your extension number as soon as you hear the ring. If you are calling your Direct Number, go to Step 3

3. Press the star key (*).

NOTE: If you do not have a greeting in your extension, press the star key after the 2nd ring.

4. Enter your PIN followed by the hash sign (#) once prompted.

5. Listen to the prompt for instructions or press One (1) to listen to your messages. For the list of commands, go to Options when listening to a voice message over the phone.

Phone Key Options when Checking Voicemails

Use the following phone keys when you check your voicemails.

Press 1
Repeats the voicemail.
Press 2
Saves the voicemail.
Press 3
Erases the voicemail.
Press 4
Returns the call.
Press 5
Forwards the voicemail to another extension on the account.
Press 6
Skips the voicemail.
Press * (star/asterisk key)
Exits the message.

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  • VoiceMail Limits

    • There is no limit to the size of a voicemail message. There is, however, a limit of 200 voicemails that you can have in your mailbox. 


  • International Dialing

    • The International calling feature should be enabled on your account before you proceed. Contact the Helpdesk for more information or to request International Dialing. 
    • Option 1
      • On the dial pad, dial 011 + (country code) + (Phone number)
    • Option 2

      • On the dial pad, dial the “+” (plus sign) + (country code) + (phone number) 

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