Create New VPN Connection to Queens (Windows and Mac)


A known issue with the FortiClient VPN software is that occasionally the connection will become corrupted and needs to be re-created. The symptom of the this is an error message telling you that your username and password are incorrect or not setup for remote access when trying to connect VPN. Instructions for how to do this are below. 

  •  Open Forticlient Console and click the menu button (3 lines next to VPN name)


  • Queens VPN should automatically be the selected connection. Click Delete the selected connection. When prompted Do you really want to delete this connection? click Yesmceclip1.png
  • Now click Configure VPN


  • Make sure all settings match the picture below, and click Save.


  • Click the lock in the upper right-hand corner to unlock the settings menu: (SKIP STEP IF ON MAC)


  • Click the Settings gear and check the box next to 'Preferred DTLS tunnel': (SKIP STEP IF ON MAC)


  • Click the 'Home' button to get back to the login screen:



You should now be able to connect to VPN normally using your Queens credentials. 


As a reminder when logging into the VPN: The VPN login progress will stop at 40% waiting for you to accept a security certificate pop up and to check your Duo Security App to approve the login attempt. THE COMPUTER WILL NOT INFORM YOU OF THE DUO APPROVAL NEEDED, YOU MUST CHECK THE APP ON YOUR OWN AFTER YOU PRESS CONNECT. If you miss the Duo approval, the vpn will time out and give you invalid credential errors. 

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