Create New VPN Connection to Queens (Windows)


A known issue with the FortiClient VPN software is that occasionally the connection will become corrupted and needs to be re-created. The symptom of the this is an error message telling you that your username and password are incorrect or not setup for remote access when trying to connect VPN. Instructions for how to do this are below. 

  • Expand your taskbar menu in the bottom right corner of your screen, click on the "Green Shield" Forticlient icon, and select Open Forticlient Console.
    • 1.JPG
  • Queens VPN should automatically be the selected connection. Click the gear icon to the right of Queens VPN and select Delete the selected connection. When prompted Do you really want to delete this connection? click Yes.
    • 2.JPG
  • Now click Configure VPN
    • 3.JPG
  • Make sure all settings match the picture below, and click Apply, then click Close
    • vpn.JPG


You should now be able to connect to VPN normally.

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