New Password Website 2019 - Registration


This article will discuss the registration process for our new password website. It also provides a screenshot of what users will see if they fail to register prior to visiting our password change website. Expired password users will not be able to register their security questions. USS will need to reset the password for the user. 

1, Open a web browser and log in to You will be automatically prompted to register for the new password reset site. Please complete that process by entering your cell phone number and personal (non-queens) email address.



2. Click "Set it up now" beside Authentication Phone and input your country and phone number




3. Click "Set it up now" beside Authentication Email and input your personal email address




4. Once complete you will see two green checks beside the required fields. This indicates that you have successfully registered 




**Expired password users who attempt to register will be greeted with the screen below. This also applies to users who attempt to visit the password change website prior to registering. USS team members will need to manually update the expired users password prior to their registration**

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