HESI Testing on Apple/MAC


The HESI exam site works best using internet explorer which is not normally available on a Mac computer. The following instruction will walk you through launching a virtual Windows desktop from a Mac computer, which will allow you to launch Internet Explorer and complete HESI testing successfully. 

Note: This will only work on Queens computers that have been pre-configured for this process. The current computers setup for this include the Everett Mac Lab, and the Macbooks used by Student Accessibility Services.

  • Login to the computer using your Queens account credentials.
  • Open the launchpad by using the F4 key or by clicking the rocketship icon in the dock. Scroll the all the way to the right and click the VMWare View Client icon. 



  • When prompted, enter mydesktop.queens.edu in the Connection server box. 


  • Click Accept 


  • If you are prompted to perform an update you must click Skip this Version. Updating the application will cause it to become incompatible with our system. If a computer does get updated accidentally, rebooting it will restore it to the original version.


  • Enter your Queens username and password, and click LoginScreen_Shot_2018-09-21_at_10.07.42_AM.png
  • Next, at the VDI pool selection screen find HESI_ and double click to start the VDI desktop environment.


The VDI environment is a virtual desktop that looks just like you are in front of an actual physical desktop. You will now be logged on to one of the desktops in the selected pool

After the Welcome screen you can now launch IE and follow the instructions to logon to HESIInet.com to start your exam.

If you get a prompt asking to make Internet Explorer the default browser, click no to make the box go away.


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