Follow-Me-Print Install Students: Mac OS


 Before proceeding, you will need to adjust the sharing options on your personal MacBook. 

1.) Open System Preferences

2.) Click Sharing

3.) Deselect Printer Sharing

Adding the new printer

1.) Click Printers & Scanners located on the second row of System Preferences


2.) Select the existing Follow-Me-Printer and select the minus (-) button to remove the printer.

3.) Click Advanced, and proceed to change the options to match the image below.

If you do not see the Advanced option, you will need to Control + Click on the menu bar in the Add printer dialog box. Select Customize Toolbar and drag the Advanced icon next to the Windows icon and click done. 



Change the options on your computer to match the image below.


4.) Proceed to selecting a driver using the drop-down menu. This will ensure all color & printing options are available for your Mac device. 


5.) In the search bar type Ricoh c6503


6.) Select the RICOH software listed and click "Ok".

*If this option isn't listed, you will need to install the RICOH software first. RICOH Software Instructions

7.) The printer has now been added and you can proceed to print normally. 

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