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Avast Business Antivirus is the local Antivirus client used by the Queens IT department to help secure all campus computers. All settings and most functions are managed by Queens IT, but if you wish to check on your computer's status or run a virus scan, you can do by following these instructions. 

Open Avast Antivirus: You can open the Avast console using one the following three methods

  • Double click the Avast Business Security icon that should be on your desktop.
  • Search for Avast in your start menu and click on the Avast Business Security icon when it appears.
  • Click the Avast icon in your taskbar.
  • avast_open_capture.JPG

You should now see the status screen. Note: if the software has just been installed on your computer, you may see an alert here that the software has not yet been activated. This is to be expected. IT services will activate the software remotely as soon as possible. 


Run a Virus Scan

If you are concerned that your computer may be infected with some kind of virus or malware, you can manually run a scan yourself. To access the scans menu, click on the Protection tab and then click Scans.


Below is a summary of the most commonly used options from this menu.

  • Run Smart Scan: This is the most commonly used option. The Smart Scan will run a quick virus scan targeting the areas of your computer where viruses are most commonly found. 
  • Full Scan: If the Smart Scan does not find any problems but you are still concerned, you can run a Full Scan by clicking on the Protection tab, and then clicking on the Scans button. This option will take longer and may slow down your computer somewhat while running.
  • Targeted Scan: If you are specifically concerned with a downloaded file or external drive, you can run a targeted scan to specifically scan those files.

If you need any additional assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact the IT Help-desk by visiting help.queens.edu, emailing helpdesk@queens.edu, or calling 704-337-2323.

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