Audio/Visual System Instructions for Ketner Auditorium


The control system in Ketner auditorium is designed to control the variety of equipment in the room as simply as possible without needing any remotes. When first coming into the room, simply tap anywhere on the podium touch panel to see the room controls.


Input Selection

The center section of the touch panel contains the most common controls for when you want to show something on the projection screen. Simply press the button that corresponds to the source you want to present, and the system will turn on the projector, change the inputs and make all other needed changes automatically. 



Speaker Control

The right sidebar of the touch panel controls the audio in the room. With the right source selected, use the Mute button to mute or un-mute the audio, or use the up\down arrow buttons to adjust the volume level.



Other Controls

The buttons in the left sidebar offer controls for other equipment in the room, such as individual microphone control, and control of the individual lighting zones.




Tap the Mics button to control microphone volume. On the Mics screen, use the up/down arrows to adjust volume for individual mics, the mute toggle buttons to mute/un-mute individual mics, or the Mute All / Unmute All buttons at the bottom to mute/unmute all the mics.



Room Controls

There should be no need to access this menu during normal operations, but is provided in case the projector gets out of sync with the touch panel and needs to be manually powered on or off.




Access this menu to adjust the lighting system in the room. Use the up/down arrows dim the individual lighting zones, or tap the scene buttons to call lighting scenes.



Power Off

When you are finished using the system, user the power button in the bottom left to shutdown the entire system.



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