How to Clear Internet Browser History


 Applies To:  Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome


To Clear History in Internet Explorer:

Select gear icon on far right of Internet Explorer.  Select Internet options

Under Internet options go to Browsing History and check delete browsing history on exit and then click on the Delete…box


Uncheck the first box and select all the others.  Then select the Delete button at the bottom. 



To Clear History in Mozilla Firefox:

Click on thehamburger menu in the upper right, and then click History.

In the resulting pop-up, click Clear Recent History

In the resulting dialog box, change the “Time range to clear” to be "Everything", and then select all items.  Select "Offline Website Data" and "Site Preferences"

Click Clear Now. Your browser cache is now empty.


To Clear History in Google Chrome:

Note:  These instructions apply to Chrome version 52 or higher.

  1. First, Click the hamburger menu icon at the top right of Chrome, and then click History
  2. Then click on “Clear browsing data…”
  3. Then change the setting “Obliterate the following items from:” to the "beginning of time"

4. Click Clear browsing data.

5. Your browser cache is now empty.


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