Classroom Equipment Connection Instructions


Equipment: Standard

The classrooms are equipped with the following equipment:

  • Control Box
  • Projectors, Projector remote
  • Epson Pens for digital whiteboard annotation (pre-configured at McEwen and Rogers classrooms)
  • Zero Client computer, Keyboard, Mouse
  • Blue Ray DVD player

Control Box:

A control box is located near the classroom podium. The control box can connect to several sources of media. There are two styles of control boxes on campus.

New Style

Control box connections are located on the side and bottom of the control box.




Old style

Connections are located at the bottom of the unit


There are two sets of cables for connecting to devices. Two sets to connect to two sets of sources. The sources are:


Source 1: Computer1, HDMI1, Audio 1, USB-A.

The second source labelled on the box as

Source 2: Computer2, HDMI2, Audio 2, USB-B.


The cables may have colored markings. One set may have no taped marking or blue taped marking and another set is marked with orange tape marking or yellow taped marking.


*The classrooms with the older control box may have a set of cables marked with yellow taped markings.


How Cables are Connected?

Rule of Thumb: To make sure cables connect properly follow the connection of the cables’ color from the control box to the device you wish to use. Color should match at both end.

For Example: if you wish to use the zero client and you notice a blue taped cable is connected to the VGA monitor port, that cable should be followed to the cable box to verify which source it is plugged to at the control box.

You should see the Blue label cables connected to a source on the control box. If its connected to Computer 1 you can press computer 1 on the control box to view the projector screen if you are logged in.

The cables with no taped marking or blue taped marking typically connects to “Computer 1” port source of the control box, old or new style.

Note: *There may be occasions where blue taped cables connect to source 2 in some classrooms, i.e. Watkins building classrooms.


The cables with yellow or orange taped marking connects to “computer 2” port source of control box at the bottom of the control box, old or new style control box.

Cable Connection to the Zero Client’s Ports

How cables connect to the device?

Note: if you track a cable from the control box by a particular color code or non-color code, that same cable should track back to your device. For example, if you track the blue or non-marked cable from "Computer 1" of the control box, it should connect to the computer on the podium VGA port. The computer on the podium of the classroom are termed as the “Zero Client” computers.

The black unmarked VGA cable connect to the "Computer1" end of the control box and connects to the Zero Client VGA port located at bottom of zero client.

USB from "Computer 1" source of the control box connect to the bottom of the zero client.

Ethernet cable connects to the bottom of zero client come from the wall data jack, not the control box.

 Blue-Ray player also uses the unmarked or blue taped HDMI cable from "computer 1"

HDMI Cable

 Pictures of classroom equipment

Picture of Zero Client - Podium Computer

Picture of Speakers and Projector

Picture of Keyboard and Mouse

Picture of control box

Picture of older style control box

Picture of Epson Pen for Smart Whiteboard Annotations





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