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Burwell 101, Color

Burwell 105

Burwell 113

Burwell 202, Color

Campus services main office

Dana 314, Color

E.H. Little Music Library 1st Floor, Color

Everett Library 1st Floor

Harris House 1st Floor

Harris House 2nd Floor, Color

Health and Wellness Center

Jernigan 101, Color

Jernigan 102

Jernigan 111

Jernigan 203

Knight Crane 2nd Floor Faculty Workroom

Knight Crane 012

Knight Crane 3rd Floor School of Communication

Levine 023

Levine 116

Levine 122

Levine 204C

McEwen 103

McEwen 107, Color

Morrison 209, Color

Rogers 101

Rogers 1st Floor Hallway

Rogers 201

Rogers 2nd Floor Hallway, Color

Rogers 314, Color

Sports Complex Field House 200

Sports Complex 1st Floor, Color

Stultz 1st Floor Copy Room

Sykes 129

Watkins 2nd Floor Hallway

Withers House 2nd Floor Hallway

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