How to install the Follow Me Printer


Note:  You must be connected to the Queens network (by QU-WiFi or by direct Ethernet cable) to complete this setup for any computer.

Important Note: After the printer is added as the instructions state below, for each type of OS, if the printer does not work, try using "APPPRINT02" in place of the IP address of the print server.


Windows 8 and 10

  1. Right Click on the start button and select Run from the menu
  2. Type \\\follow-me-printer in your search bar, and press enter. You do not need to select an area or search box; simply begin typing.
  3. If prompted, enter in your Queens email address and password.
  4. Once the printer is finished installing a small window will pop up showing the print queue.

Mac OS

  1. Connect to QU-WiFi if not already connected
  2. Faculty & Staff: Follow Directions Here
  3. Students: Follow HERE
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