Connecting to QU-Guest WiFi Network


The QU-Guest WiFi network is used for guests on campus who do not have a Queens account. This connection is rate limited (slower) and many of the portal sites (my.queens, myaccount, will not be accessible to users on the QU-Guest WiFi network


To connect to the network:


1) Locate your wireless icon

Macs- WiFi Status icon upper right in the menu bar

Win 7 – Lower right corner in the task bar

Win 8,10 – swipe from the right hand side of screen


2) Select “QU-Guests” from the list.


A Guest Wireless Portal page will appear

3) Fill in the mandatory fields and then click the “Log In” button and you will be connected to QU-Guest network.

IMPORTANT: Access to QU-Guest is limited to 2 hours. After that time period has passed you will need to re-connect to the network following the steps above.

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