How Do I Migrate Courses From Moodle Into MyCourses?


Applies To:  Queens Faculty

To backup a course from
Go to Administration > Backup.
Select/deselect specific items to include in backup then click the Continue button.
Confirmation and review - Check that everything is as selected, using the Cancel button if necessary. Otherwise click the Continue button.
Complete - Click the Continue button.
Click on the backup file to save it.

To restore a course to
Go to Course Administration > Restore.
Choose a file or Drag and drop the backup file into the space provided.
Click on the Restore button.
Click on the Continue button.
Select Restore into this course > Merge the backup course into this course.
Click on the Continue button.
Click on the Next button.
Click on the Next button.
Click on the Perform restore button.


If you receive a 'file exceeds maximum upload size’ message when uploading your backup file please follow these instructions:

1. Open your course site.
2. Click 'Edit Settings' under the 'Settings' block.
3. Change 'Maximum Upload Size' to 512MB.
4. Click 'Save Changes'.

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