How Do I Request an Account for a Non-Queens Employee?


Applies To:  Queens Staff


1. A Queens University manager completes the Sponsored Account Request form found at Queens Sponsored Account Request Form

Any Queens University manager may request a Sponsored Account for a user who isn't employed by Queens but who has a valid business need for the sponsored account. Typical Sponsored Account holders include vendors (Dining Services, Mail Center, etc.), contracted faculty, contracted temporary staff, etc.).

The form requires the following information:

  • Requested user's legal first, middle, and last name
  • Requested user's preferred name
  • Requested user's home address (including City, State, ZIP)
  • Requested user's date of birth
  • Requested user's personal email address
  • Requested user's personal phone number
  • System access end date (optional: only complete if the user needs access for only a limited time period)
  • Sponsor's full name
  • Sponsor's Queens ID

2. ITS creates the requested account within 3 business days

3. The sponsor will receive notification that the account has been created, and the requested user's Queens account information will be sent to their personal email address provided above

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    Melissa McCartney

    Do I need to request an account to get a non-Queens employee and email address only?