What are the Queens Wireless Networks and Which should I Connect to?


There are 3 main Queens wireless networks; each with a different purpose.  They are:

  • QU-WiFi - for faculty, staff and students.   Requires Queens username and password.  You’ll want to connect your laptop, phone or tablet to this wireless network for best performance.
  • QU-Guest - for guests who don’t have a Queens account.  This connection is rate limited (slower).  You simply enter your email address and name on a web portal page when you connect.

  • QU-Gaming - This is the wireless network to be used for WiFi enabled gaming consoles, streaming media devices (e.g. Apple TV, Roku, Internet TV etc).  Before you can connect your device to this network you will need to fill out the appropriate form at https://helpdesk.queens.edu and provide the wireless MAC address of your device or console.  Note that if you have a wired ethernet port available in your residence hall location, you will likely have better performance than with a wireless connection.
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