Connecting to VPN


Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Instructions

For Windows and Mac Users


1. Begin by browsing to the following address with your Internet browser:

2.   You are then presented with the VPN login screen

3.   You are then presented with another prompt

4.  You are then presented with the QueensConnect SSL Web VPN Screen

5.   Click Start AnyConnectto continue

6.   The client will now install. (You may need to click multiple prompts to continue, depending upon your particular system configuration)

7.  Once complete, you will receive confirmation that the installation was successful

8.  (Mac Users) You will now notice the AnyConnect icon in the Menu bar located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen

 (Windows Users) – You can find the link to the installed VPN client under Start>Programs. An icon is also located in the lower-right hand of the Windows Taskbar 

9. You are now presented with links to several popular university sites and locations

10. You may also browse to other locations by entering the URL in the address box.

11. When you have finished, you may click the  Logout option to exit

Note: To map to a specific network drive once you connect to the VPN, see the self-help article titled:

"How to Map a Network Drive in Windows 7"


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