Sync Mapworks Appointments to Queens Calendar

  • Go to your appointments page and click on Settings
  • Click the check box next to both options and choose Save
  • A window will pop up asking you to select your calendar service. Scroll down and choose Office 365.


  • You will then be directed to the Office 365 login page. Log in using your Queens username and password.
  • The next screen will ask you to give permission to the Cronofy app. Click Accept.
  • The window will close and you will be directed back to your Mapworks calendar page. Now it should resemble the image below, with ‘Blocked from External calendar’ representing existing appointments on your Queens Outlook calendar.
  • If you navigate to your Queens Outlook calendar (either in the desktop application or on your mobile device) you will now see your Mapworks appointments.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Changes to Mapworks appointments must be done on the Mapworks website. If done on your Outlook calendar the changes will not sync. Likewise, if a time is shown as ‘Blocked from External calendar’ in Mapworks you must modify that appointment in Outlook.
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