How To Install The Jenzabar EX Client


The current Jenzabar client version is 6.5.6

Applies to: Windows 7, 8, and 10 computers

Note:  The Jenzabar client is not supported natively by the Apple Mac OS.  Mac Users who need Jenzabar access should contact the help desk for further assistance.


*To complete the following steps, you must be logged onto the Queens network using your Queens credentials, either locally (computer physically located onsite) or remotely via the campus Virtual Private Network (VPN.)


1.  Ensure that you are connected to the Queens network and logged in with your credentials

2.  Navigate to the M: drive, which is visible as a mapped network drive on your computer

3.  Navigate to the \install\EX_6.x folder and locate the file EX_6.5.6_Install_Run_First

4.  Right-Click the file and choose "Run as Administrator", then follow the prompts to complete the installation

 Note:  If you are prompted by a Windows security prompt, click OK to install

9.  When the installation is complete you may close the M: drive and open the Jenzabar client


Note:  This installation takes only a few minutes to complete, and will replace any currently installed versions of the Jenzabar client on your computer.






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